Friday, February 28, 2014

Full Circle

Just as in 1879, we are now at a transportation epiphany.

A revolution in transportation

Our pioneer ancestors bought the latest and the best covered equipped wagon they could afford as they headed West.

Likely a brand called the Prairie Schooner.

They were powered by horses or oxen, which ate hay and grass.

As such, the wagons were fueled by solar energy.  They were “Running on Sunshine.”

But, our adventurous ancestors were constantly plagued with a nagging concern about the next feed and water stop for the horses and oxen.

Now we have come full circle.

We are at a bold new future in transportation and our electric-powered wagons are “Running on Sunshine” just like the Schooners.

Thankfully, new developments in EV information systems will make it easy to plan ahead and conveniently schedule charging our new battery-stored horsepower to keep us “Running on Sunshine.”

Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D.,

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